Community Spotlights

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Fall 2021 Educator Spotlight

Miranda Day, School Psychologist

San Lorenzo Unified School District

CCASP is happy to feature Miranda! Miranda was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. She got started in education as a senior in college when she worked as an after-school tutor for a tiny junior high school. Miranda reported that she has always felt drawn to education. Since kindergarten, she has admired every teacher she had, the dedication and the love they put into their work. Miranda loves dogs, sunshine, reading, hiking, and trying new goods.

Her favorite aspect of her job is behavior. She noted, "I love puzzles, and behavior, to me, is just like a puzzle. It’s so satisfying to find just the right way pieces fit together, then use those pieces to problem solve. There is nothing more satisfying to me."

Miranda's advice for new educators? "Flexibility is key! It was a prevalent theme throughout my internship, and it became especially important once the school buildings closed. Things will change at the drop of a hat, and being able to adjust quickly to those changes will help you so much!" 

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Meritorious Awards

Their peers nominated the following individuals for their outstanding service to our profession. Please join us in celebrating our honorees from the 2020-2021 year.

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Brenda Gonzalez- Salazar

School Psychologist

Brenda was honored for her service to students. Her colleague noted, "She is brilliant, extremely knowledgeable, and a master at connecting with students. "

Abraham Espino

School Psychologist

Abraham was nominated for his service to the profession. Numerous colleagues indicated, "Abe is a professional above reproach, always utilizing his integrity to make the most sound decisions for our students and their families. "

Scholarship Awards

Join us in honoring these exceptional students to the School Psychologist field. Please join us in celebrating our honorees from the 2020-2021 year.

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Sandra Heredia 

National University

Sandra was honored for her work and research in supporting homeless students.

Rachel Weber


Rachel was honored for her focus in outreach with parents.